Mobile Phone Forensic Analysis

An exciting new addition to the field of forensics is the analysis and recovery of information stored on cell phones by way of SIM cards and other media devices.

Someone described cells phones as the new fingerprint. Critical evidence in mobile devices can make or break a case in a court of law.

We extract this vital evidence from any type of cell phone even if someone has tried to delete the information. This includes text messages, phonebooks, and information of any size. This evidence is then displayed in clear concise reports.

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Our team is made up of the following professionals:
Founder, Mario Nabliba

Masters in Computer Science Information Systems, Certified in Computer Forensic Science. Computer System Analyst with extensive experience in electronic and computer science. Bachelors of Physics/Science. Expert in Project Management.

Our mission is to serve any field with outstanding performance in the area of computer forensic science; professional presentation of evidence in a court of law.

Our organization works with outstanding high-tech and legal agents who use technology without compromise of integrity. Therefore our product is to further your prosperity in regards to the protection of your intellectual properties.

 BOOK: IDPF (Integrity Data Protection Forensic) is a field of science, computer investigation, and analysis techniques that involve the identification, preservation, extraction, documentation and interpretation of computer data to determine potential legal evidence.

In an age of cybercrime, identity theft, and the proliferation of viruses, malware, worms, Trojans and other malicious programs by seemingly anonymous hackers, IDPForensic LLC provides the integral computer expertise needed to trace these perpetrators and bring them to justice.


Author, scientist, and entrepreneur Mario Nabliba enumerates the noble goals of his information security company, and its advanced capabilities in combating crime within the digital frontier of cyberspace.

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